DART Actuators

The Dart Linear actuator is a new product designed by iR3 Creative Engineering. Linear actuators use acme lead screws to transfer rotary motion to linear motion to simplify otherwise complex designs. It's a ground up solution designed around the CIM motor and optimized for speed and force perfect for competition robotics.

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Available in 3 ratios and 2 lengths


204.3 lbf at 5.33 in/s*


163.4 lbf at 6.67in/s*


81.7 lbf at 13.3 in/s*

*theoretical values calculated using CIM motor - Use the calculator below to customize your results

Available in 12" and 6" stroke lengths. The screw is .500" O.D. has a .200" Lead and 52% efficiency. The 12" stroke assembly weighs approximately 3 lbs without the CIM motor and 5.8 lbs with.

Linear actuators are not meant to be side loaded. The use of rod ends is encouraged to avoid these type of loads. Each end is tapped for a 5/16"-24 thread to accept common rod end sizes.

The DART was designed to achieve equivalent forces of a 2" bore pneumatic pistons at 60psi and to be used with a CIM motor fused at 40 amps. While it's possible to exceed these values you may see decreased life in the various ware components.

It is recommended to run this actuator with limit switches and/or current protection as it is possible to stall or "stick" the lead screws. It's recommended to use the included limit switches to limit travel of the actuator from the end stops. When using faster ratios it may be possible to overrun the limits slightly and programming methods may require ease into stroke ends. If you are not able to program these functions we recommend using a Talon SRX which has on-board limit switch monitoring and current protection.

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Dec 17

Calculations for Linear Actuators

Use this calculator to better understand the math behind a linear actuator.

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Dec 7

Download Stp files and Assembly Instructions

Download the Step files and Assembly Instructions for DART actuators here!  

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